Who We Are


Contractor Pro is dedicated to providing contractors with tough, innovative products that increase their job effectiveness and maximize their comfort. 

About Us

Come feel the difference! Inspired by a gator's back, Contractor Pro's "Pro-Comfort" tool belts offer incredible comfort, support, andventilation. First designed and produced in 2002, the GatorBack Pro-Comfort tool belt is still the most comfortable belt on the market. The padding is made from closed cell memory foam which is sculpted to provide air-channels for ventilation. You deserve GatorBack Pro-Comfort. 

Our Guarantees


No Minimum Orders: You can make an order as large or as small as you want, giving you the ability to serve your specific needs. 

Guaranteed Sale: Risk Free Initial Stocking Order. You may exchange or return initial stock items at anytime at no charge. 

Warranty Against Defects: Contractor Pro's products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Liability is limited to on-year replacement or repair of a defective unit. 

Warranty Replacement Policy on Combos:Remove the individual defective item from that combo. Let us know that particular piece and we will not replace or give credit for an entire new combo when only a specific part is defective.