What The Customers Say


Professional Product Review (Ranked)

 "The Gatorback B240 is rated our Best Tool Belt for Electricians. The Gatorback B240 is versatile, durable and comfortable. It has over 29 pockets, plus an individualized hammer holster and tape clip. There’s enough space for every good tool you can think of (plus a few extras). The individualized compartments make it easy to reach for the right tool for the job. This tool belt is a no brainer for electricians looking for a quality tool belt at a great price."

- Blake Sutton, Electrical Knowledge 


"Cadillac of work belts. Big strong and comfortable. All my tools found a home and still a little empty on the left side leaving plenty of room for occasional tools like roto-splitter which never fit in my old belt or I've found it convenient to carry devices on the left when trimming. The material and craftsmanship appears that it'll last a lot longer the the Home Depot specials."

Anonymous Customer,

" I've had a lot of different tool belts through the years. I'm still breaking this one in but I can already tell it's going to be my favorite. It's very well built. It has all the pockets, spaces for tools that I need and nothing I don't. It seems like a lot of tools are made by people who have never used a tool...it feels like this belt was designed by someone who has actually worn a tool belt. I have already ordered 3 more for employees that liked what they saw. These will be the belt of choice going forward."


 "I purchased this for my husband, he is an electrical apprentice Who works residential. His back is been killing him from his old toolbelt sitting on his hips, and his toolbelt was getting worn out. We purchased this one and a set of suspenders, and his back pain has all but nearly went away. He absolutely loves his belt, I wish we had Bought it sooner." 

Papa T,

"Been an electrician for many years and have had my share of bags, this set is by far the nicest and most well constructed. I have had them for a few months so I have had sufficient time to analyze them. These bags are very very nice and are great to use." 


"Best purchase I have made for work! It is so much better than my old cheap belt. It has a built-in, breathable back support belt! I am a commercial electrician apprentice and I wear these 8 hours plus a day. They are still going strong!" 


"I am a union electrician working on commercial / industrial jobs. I use a tool belt all day 10 hours a day.
I have been thru a lot of tool belts, and this is my favorite one. It has intelligently designed and placed pockets, its very durable, fits well, and most of all, its comfortable. The handles are quite useful."